Bonjour beau monde!

Hello beautiful world!  This is just a beginner’s blog – so feel free to share any blogging advice on this post.  Links are appreciated.  So are general comments.  Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to having a lot of fun!


27 Tips for Blogging
How to Blog Like a Pro
Top 50 WordPress Tutorials ← this one is more so for the techie guys/gals
Adding a Twitter Field to your blog ← again, for the techies.  I have yet to really figure this stuff out

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  1. You’re beginning what could be a very long-lived chore, this blogging thing. I have had for seven or eight years and I’ve gone through times when I wondered why I bother. I get rather interesting email from all over the country and other countries. Many seem to think I’m the chamber of commerce or something.

    These days I wish I had put all that work into a blog, it’s hard to feel that my “website” is relevent anymore in the blogosphere. My website is an archive. I love doing it, I don’t care that it isn’t a blog. It doesn’t have to be a blog to be relevant to real people. It’s about the content, it’s about the work. It’s about the network of aging former graduates of Greenville High School of the WWII generation who live scattered across the country. They want me to do a feature about Donaldson Air Force Base; when they graduated they went into the service, life carried them to the four corners and all points in-between. They want to see Greenville again. Not the chamber’s Greenville, they want to see my Greenville, and I’m working on giving it to them.

    It’s difficult to get sponsors, and boy do I try, but most don’t see the wonder it is for others, they just want to know ROI. Understood, but sad in its way. Sponsors want big numbers. There’s a 76 year-old man someplace out in California who emails me jokes about getting old and rants about politics. He’d love to see Greenville again, but it won’t happen for him. That one old guy is numbers enough for me, that’s my ROI.

    So, Miss A.D.S., crank up this blog and have at it, it’ll wear on you occasionally, but you’ll discover joy in multiple forms. Louis Armstrong said, “if you ain’t got it in you, you can’t blow it out.” I think you’ve got it in you.



    1. missads says:

      Thanks Joel! Really, that was very insightful. You have a real true PURPOSE for blogging. I’m just really trying to figure out why people do it, besides it being just fun. I agree with you, I think you’ve got great ROI – absolutely! Onward with yours as well!

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