Update on the job hunt

Day 14 into the job hunt and I am absolutely encouraged.  I’ve been super optimistic every day and every day I’ve had great gains, new insights and… results!  So far, I’ve had 4 interviews.  Right now, I’ve got an offer on the table – and a phenomenal one at that.  I’ve also just received this evening an interview offer from a company I’ve been trying to get noticed by for years!!!  Funny how things work out.  I’ve contemplated everything from starting my own Event Planning business to stepping into the world of sales.  It’s the beautiful thing about being on the hunt – the ball is absolutely in your court!  You can literally do whatever you think/believe you can do!

HELPFUL JOB-HUNTING ARTICLES: For my fellow job hunters still looking – here’s some awesome links I’ve found along the way that you might find helpful.  For those of you who are on LinkedIn, this is a great article on all the many ways you’ve never thought of to utilize LinkedIn as a job-hunting resource (courtesy of CIO.com).  Additionally, @LizRyan from Twitter has a great article on Eight Little Known Tricks for the Job Hunt.  I picked up quite a few nice pointers there myself, I must say!  For instance – have you ever thought about adding kudos quotes from your references on your resumé?  Or adding a one-liner in your e-mail signature as a reminder to your friends of your job search?  Good stuff.

MAKE AN “ACTION JOURNAL”: For those of you who are still technically on the job hunt like me, I just want you to be encouraged.  Everyday – be about action!  I started a little diary for myself.  I numbered every day starting on Day 1, and I only write down items I’ve accomplished that day.  Anything that relates to actually getting a job gets a star.  It’s just a little reality check for myself that has helped me keep my daily activities in perspective, because you can easily be sidetracked by everything else of minor importance.

GET OUT AND NETWORK: It’s really easy to stay in the house, but personally… that eventually makes me sick.  Everyday I have to get out and get fresh air.  Even if it is chilly outside!  Sit in Starbucks and peruse job sites.  Go to a meeting.  And NETWORK!  The first day I knew about the possibilityof being let go, I notified every influential person I knew in Greenville and asked them to be on the lookout for me.  I also included in that e-mail 3 pointers about myself professionally (since many of these people were friends of mine just on a personal level and probably weren’t aware of my professional attributes and accomplishments).  I still have leads from those e-mails I have yet to work.  I consider that a great problem to have.

Just a few words of encouragement and hints of advice from my corner of the world for anyone else that has found themselves in the same boat as me these days.  Hope it helps!  Be encouraged!


Job Hunt

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  1. Shelly says:

    Hey, Miss Andrea! Great job on your blogs! Sounds like you’re on your way to the ultimate dream job! It’s amazing what good stuff can come from a little bad! Keep up the great working bloggin’ away and I’ll be hangin’ on every word! ~ Shelly

  2. Sincere says:

    just wanted to say that I wish the best for you and that everyday on your job hunts brings you one step closer to finding that job! keep it up !

  3. IPLawMan says:

    Congratulations on a well organized job search! Your advice is well received. I’m sure you will embrace a successful career wherever you choose to work. I am convinced that social media provides excellent, genuine opportunities to network and advance ones career.

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