Milk & Honey Organics delivers “Sweet Baskets” – #FoodInc approved!

I’m a fan of this new company I stumbled upon: Milk & Honey Organics.  After my recent viewing of the documentary, Food, Inc. (my blog on it), I really felt the urgent need to figure out just exactly what IS kosher to eat around here that was locally grown, animal friendly and environmentally friendly, hormone-free, etc.  Where do you go?  In my researching, I found Milk & Honey Organics – a company that delivers what they call “Sweet Baskets” filled with a week’s worth of locally grown, delicious fruits and vegetables.  The price is $40.  Not the cheapest, but it is delivered and hand-picked.  Additionally, the price is reduced to $35 if you become a weekly “subscriber” to the service.  Local celebutante Kimberly Kelly (TV host for “Scene on 7” and “Your Carolina w/Jack & Kimberly” on CBS WSPA Ch. 7) is a big proponent of the company, by the way.

So, I ordered a basket this week.  Here’s what it looked like when I got it.  It comes in a nice, neat styrofoam cooler.

First look into my Sweet Basket

And after unpacking it a bit more:

The rest of my Sweet Basket

I wasn’t quite sure what everything was in my basket.  Of course, I recognized the brussel sprouts (love it!!).  Luckily, the people who monitor their Facebook page are very responsive because I forgot to mention in my order that I do NOT like pears.  Probably one of the few foods on this earth I don’t like, along with water chestnuts.  I eat pretty much everything else.  No pears in my basket this week! 🙂

The Feb. 4th-Feb. 10th Sweet Basket
The Feb. 4th-Feb. 10th Sweet Basket

This week’s recipes: Luckily, they actually tell you on their website about what you received in your “Sweet Basket” this week.  This week’s basket includes braeburn apples, green beens, beets, brussel sprouts, local lacinato kale, kiwifruit, romaine lettuce, golden nugget mandarins, white onions, cara cara red navel oranges, parsley and local Covington sweet potatoes.  It also includes recipe ideas and meal plans for the whole week.  Some of the recipes include: Roasted Pork Loin with Black-Bean and Sweet-Potato Salad, Brussel Sprouts with Bacon and Apple, Oranges with Caramel Sauce and Steamed Asian Vegetables.  Great ideas!

Their farmers: Barefoot Farms of Belton, Bio-Way Farm, Chef’s Greenhouse, Eastern Carolina Organics, Happy Cow Creamery, Hurricane Creek Farms, Limestone Farms, Mabry Dairy, Parisi Farms, Patient Wait Farms, The Happy Berry and Watsonia Farms.

Why “Milk & Honey”?: I do like the name, but was curious as to how they chose it.  Apparently, according to their website, they like it too because “it just sounds sweet.”  But also, a glass of milk and honey in the morning everyday improves your stamina they say.  Milk has proteins, honey has necessary carbs needed for effective metabolism.  Providing strength, it’s also great for skin and contributes to agility and youthfulness.  Ancient societies (Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Indians) drank milk and honey to preserve their youth.  Since they said milk/honey ensures a long life, they call the combo the “elixir of life.”  Doesn’t it compare Israel in the bible to “the land of milk & honey” too?  Must be something to it.  Maybe I’ll try a glass this a.m.  As soon as I go get some more milk.  Wonder if Milk & Honey Organics will ever get into delivering fresh milk? LOL.  Live well, eat well.  Be happy!

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