United Saves the Day!

So I just did something very idiotic. I just got off of Flight 1087 from Chicago O’Hare headed to LAX. Our flight was delayed by I think over a half hour (little mechanical issue) and I had a tight connection to make. So when we landed, I grabbed my big travel purse out of the overhead compartment and broke into a sprint as soon as I could get a clear path to my next gate.

I ran so fast I even had time to get an iced chai tea and a snack before I boarded! (That running is paying off!! LOL). The next plane was so little it could’ve passed for someone’s private plane. Having caught my breath now, I waltzed across the tarmac with the wind in my hair and the sun shining. I’m thinking man, LA has great weather! Absolutely going to enjoy this trip! Finally seated on this novel little plane, sipping on my iced chai tea, it suddenly hit me.

Calmly, I motion to our flight attendant. “Ma’am, I have a slight emergency. I think I’ve left my laptop and iPad on my last flight.” The beautiful young attendant goes into recovery mode, talking about what they can do to help me retrieve my belongings. Meanwhile I’m slapping the heck out of myself. What an IDIOT!! How could I be so stupid. Me, of all people. Haven’t I given my IT department enough havoc with a lost phone on my first trip with the company, a fried hard drive in the dead of winter and various other little issues I seem to always be having? My friend (and also my IT savior at work) would put my head on the chopping block if she knew! (Yes, I ended up telling her because she’s my friend but I know she wants to wring my neck sometimes!!). This was the LAST problem I needed hovering over my head. Pleeeease God, let this work out ok! I had been so focused on making my connection that I forgot I left my laptop and iPad underneath my purse in the overhead compartment. Tsk, tsk, tsk. GOT to do better Andrea.

Meanwhile, my seat buddy says “Man, you’re incredibly calm to have just lost your laptop and iPad! I would be going crazy!!” I look at him and smile. “It’s ok, I’m going to get it back I know it.” If I could only feel as confident about that as I sounded! Fellow passengers try to console me and tell me it happens to everyone and they go into stories about how people steal iPads and such right in front of their neighbors faces on planes. Thanks, guys. So appreciate your help here.

The gentleman in front of me – a handsome brunette with a light tan and sporting smooth RayBan glasses – overheard our conversation and stepped in: “I can call operations.” Thank you God!! He must be like a pilot or something. “I have a passenger seated in 35 Fox who left a laptop and iPad…”

They had it to me in 5 minutes. Absolutely amazing. For all the flack we give airlines about fees, being on time, etc – today I have nothing but praise for them. So I held up my fellow passengers’ flight momentarily but no one seemed upset about it. The most important thing? Disaster averted and my gold star of the day goes to the people of United 5405 – the gentleman, attendant and pilot – and whomever found my IT goodies and hoofed it over to the plane to help me get my things back. Thank you United for a job well done!! You’ve got some great people working for you who know how to think quickly and provide above and beyond great service. (Hugs laptop and iPad close).


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Hesha says:

    Awesome story, glad you got your stuff back. I would have been secretly freaking out!

    1. MissADS08 says:

      Me too!! I was a little freakin out on the inside lol…

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