Getting a Work Visa

Part of moving to the UK for a year means getting a work visa. Even when expedited, this has been a VERY long process. I accepted my new role at the end of September and at that time we thought we would have my visa by the 13-15 of October. It is now 26 Oct (writing the date in European format to get used to it!!) and the latest I’m told is that I should have it by Wed/Thurs of this week. Last Wednesday, I was finally able to go to a site in Charlotte to have my “Biometrics Appointment” done. That was a fairly efficient process. You basically take a packet of paperwork over to a site where they electronically scan your fingerprints as well as your eyes. And that’s it!! You then throw everything in the mail to the British Consulate in NY – passport and all! – and wait for your Visa to come back in the mail. Kind of a scary thought to ship my own passport off somewhere with pure faith that it will come back unscathed, lol. If all goes well, I should be on my way to the UK by this weekend!! *knock on wood*


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  1. Sam says:

    Hope it worked out for you! It can be very scary sending passports out but worth it in the end.

    1. MissADS08 says:

      It did Sam – finally!! It only took a whole month to get. The problem was a new policy that didn’t allow FedEx as a courier for return shipmemt labels. Problem solved and am now in Scotland and loving it!

      1. Sam says:

        Oh my god – crazy that they get down to what carrier you can use! Glad to hear you made it!

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