Finally – a status update on my Visa!!

FYI: I just got a hold of the British Consulate in NY myself today (a phone call that costs £1.37 per minute, by the way). Apparently the only thing holding up shipping me my Visa decision and passport back has been the fact that they apparently do not utilize FedEx anymore – as of October!! That’s also ODD because they accepted a FedEx shipment to process my Visa but they won’t use my FedEx return shipping label and envelope to send it back (make sense to anyone?). So they said an email would have been sent to the applicant (which in this case would be the company handling my application) with instructions on what info to send with a new return shipping label. I can’t believe something that simple has been holding up the process all this time and no one has been able to get this update, supposedly, except for me today.

In any case, overall, that’s good news – at least I’ve got an answer and I know what I need to do to get some movement now. That’s the latest. Will keep you posted…

British Consulate NY (logo)

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