A little VIP-ish…

Curious thing just happened when I landed here in London on my way to Glasgow. There was a guy with a sign looking only for 2 specific travelers and apparently I was one of them but didn’t realize it. He was wearing a vest like the one below and tracked me down through security until he found me. “Are you Andrea Smith?” Oh no, I’m in trouble already what did I do?? “Yes,” I replied. “I was looking for you. You’ve got a tight connection, yes? Let me help you through security.” He whisks me through the fast-track line, pulls me to the front of the boarding line along with the other passenger he was looking for and just like that I’m on my flight. “No one like you has ever met me at the airport like this before, I was just wondering why?” After joking about whether that was a good or bad thing, he explains that British Airlines provides global support as a form of customer service – to ensure people don’t miss their flights, especially if they’re global travelers. Some people only have one flight out to a specific location and if they miss it, then it can get quite complicated with possibly putting them on a different airline or waiting the next day and having to put them in a hotel, etc. It’s easier for them to help these passengers out so that they don’t miss their flight in the first instance. Love it!!! I want a guy like this traveling with me all the time!


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