In the span of 2 days I met 2 people who caused me to feel extremely grateful for everything I have and am afforded to do. One was a guy I met the 1st time I rode the bus. He just got off of a 7pm-7am shift which he works SEVEN days a week. No breaks. Why? He’s got 4 little kids and Santa Clause to pay. He looked SO tired with bags under his eyes but still took the time to help a stranger figure out the bus systems for the first time with a smile. Another young guy doesn’t get to travel to see his family but every 1 or 2 years. Otherwise, he’s helping his family run a very small restaurant which they pooled all their money together to get. With tears in his eyes, you could tell he missed them so much. But with his chin up he said “everybody’s got a hard life though, I’m not the only one” – and then goes on to package up my dinner for me with a smile. As Thanksgiving approaches (an American holiday that sadly the Scottish do not partake in), we all tend to be a little more attuned to the spirit of gratitude. Let these two gentlemen remind you as they have reminded me to be GRATEFUL and thankful for what you have! There are some very hard working people in the world who wish they had it like you, and yet they still have joy!


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