My Top 10 Scottish Things This Week, including @citizenstheatre, @TravelineScot, @intuBraehead, @TKMaxx_UK, @SilverCross_UK

1. Word of the week: Brilliant! (Just don’t say “Pure dead briliant.” Just….don’t do it.)


2. “Failte” – a Gaelic word meaning welcome

"Failte" means Welcome.
“Failte” means Welcome.

3. “There’s a want about them” – something’s missing upstairs

"There's a want about them..."
“There’s a want about them…”

4. Silvercross – a brand of baby carriage I MUST have if I ever have a baby! This one below? A cool £1,450. (@SilverCross_UK)

Silvercross Baby Carriages - a must-have for new moms!
Silvercross Baby Carriages – a must-have for new moms!

5. No, Scotland does not celebrate Thanksgiving (dang, save me a turkey leg). On the bright side, they do have my new favorite shot of all time: Butterscotch Schnapps!

No Thanksgiving here :(
No Thanksgiving here 😦

6. Navigating the bus system has been tricky at first (stood on the wrong side of the road the first time) but I’m getting the hang of it now. It’s SO much more economical than taxis! A ride to work in a cab is about £14 versus £1.90 on the bus. Easy math! Bus, please! My favorite app to use for this, recommended by a colleague: Traveline Scotland (@TravelineScot).

Riding the bus in Scotland: economical, clean, easy
Riding the bus in Scotland: economical, clean, easy

7. A “pantomime” is traditional British theatre for Christmas – audience interactive, meant for kids but done for adults. I think I’ll try to see “A Christmas Carol” coming up at the Citizens Theatre (@citizenstheatre).

A Christmas Carol - Citizens Theatre
A Christmas Carol – Citizens Theatre

8. There is a mega mall right next to my job!! Yikes! Help me. It’s called Braehead and so far I’ve found some fantastic elbow-length grey wool gloves there, a beautiful cream furry hat and a blowdryer from my new favorite beauty store, Boots (which is like our Ulta in the states). | @intuBraehead

Braehead Shopping Centre....this is too much temptation right at my back door!
Braehead Shopping Centre….this is too much temptation right at my back door!

9. Stores close at 7:00 typically! What the world! My favorite one so far: T.K. Maxx in Buchanan Galleries – right at the end of Sauchiehall St. in City Centre. Just like it’s US cousin, T.J. Maxx (yes!!). | @TKMaxx_UK
10. They’re big on plastic bags here. I quickly learned to carry my own bags with me for random trips to Tesco (local mini-grocery store) and big IKEA bags for items from T.K. Maxx, IKEA, etc. If you don’t bring your own bags, they’ll charge you for new ones. The point is to reduce litter and promote recycling. Good stuff Glasgow, I like it!


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  1. kerennicol says:

    Hello, glad you’re getting settled in to Glasgow! I’m the Marketing Manager at the Citizens Theatre, and I’m so pleased that you’re thinking of buying a ticket for our Christmas show, A Christmas Carol . The Citizens is a bit of a cultural icon in our city, and I’m sure you’ll love our version of this classic story. From the little bits of rehearsal I’ve seen, and the fantastic-looking sets our technical staff are working on, I think it’s going to be a bit special.

    You should be warned, though, that our annual Christmas plays are deliberately less Panto-like than you might be expecting – though no less magical! There are so many fantastic pantos in the West of Scotland already, and we’re experts in classic story telling with an accessible and modern twist. We’re really lucky that there’s so much going on in the city that residents and visitors can go and see a daft, silly, good-fun panto as well as beautiful gripping festive stories all in one month!

    Happy theatre-going!


    1. MissADS08 says:

      Hi there Keren! Thanks for all the great info and the explanations. Definitely going to see it now – just gotta plan the day. Looking forward to it (and of course I’ll be blogging about it)! Have a great week.

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