My Top 10 Scottish Things This Week: including fav words, tablets & tartans



I’m learning a million things a day here, but here are my Top 10 Scottish Things This Week:

1. You don’t say “broke” here, you say “skint.”





2. A night out with friends (which, of course, involves drinking) is called a “session.” If that’s a long night out, you just might be “skint” by the end of the night.




3. Officially on my favs list – “The Book Club” on Byres Rd. Formerly a cinema, this place has soaring #architectureswoon ceilings, fantastic lighting and just enough quirkiness to make it a great place to hangout. Perfect for parties!



4. Family names here have a “tartan” associated with it – which is a cloth/pattern with specific colors. There’s also a crest associated with that family. For fun, I looked up the Smith clan and here’s what I found:



5. A debit card with a chip is sincerely a must-have here. Some ATM’s and many stores / restaurants, etc. only take a card with a chip, not a “swiper” or “slider” as I’ve come to call mine. Definitely working on getting one of these. Luckily, you can survive without it by getting cash back at grocery stores like Tesco and Mark & Spencers.¬†IMG_6942.JPG


6. Another fabulous word: “daft” – which pretty much means stupid or “slow” but not quite as bad as “fool.” Apparently “fool” is about the worst level you can get here.IMG_6936.JPG


7. Curse you tablets!!!!!! You know I love you. Stay far out of my sight, please. “Ta” (thanks).IMG_6944.JPG


8. Learned this the hard way one day. So I’m new to public transportation and didn’t realize that you actually have to literally wave your hand in order for the bus to stop. Otherwise it will whizz right on by you. #lessonslearnedthehardway¬†IMG_6949.JPG

9. What? Designer toilet paper? Totally got some. This one came from Mark & Spencers. #festive



10. I know this seems crazy, but this is actually the way to “properly” say the word “girls” in Scottish. It’s literally like saying the word “ghettos” really fast with no emphasis whatsoever on the “t’s” in the middle. Try it! That’s exactly how you say it and everyone here pretty much says it like that.



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