Tea in Glasgow: a must-see venue

If you come to Glasgow, you MUST go to Willow Tea Rooms! Quite lovely and novel, indeed. With a vast selection of loose leaf teas, chairs made by famous local architect Rennie Mackintosh and a Chinese Tea Room upstairs – you won’t want to miss this. Not if you love architecture and good tea!

It was hard to choose what tea to have, but I ended up on a White Jasmine loose leaf tea. Quite lovely!
These chairs are the most fun! I quite adore them.
The downstairs room. I adore this one stained glass leaf as an accent – just made my day to see it.
Downshot of the Rennie Mackintosh chairs at the Willow Tea Room. Don’t they entirely make the room??
Chinese Tea Room upstairs. Next time I come here, I am definitely having tea up here!
The brie sandwiches are lovely – highlighted by small red grape halves and a “wee” side salad.
Even the stairs are quite charming. Until next time!

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  1. Good photos of an interesting tea room.

    1. MissADS08 says:


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