Selma is released in the UK!!!

FINALLY #Selma is released in the UK!! Quite interesting to watch it in a Scottish audience. Hearing the reactions afterwards you could tell they had no idea of the truth of the Civil Rights Movement in America. I cried half the movie, of course. Gasps of horror in unison at the beatings and hatred and tears wiped away for the struggle displayed. I particularly enjoyed the personal side shown of MLK and his relationship with Coretta. Can you imagine supporting a man like that – in a time like that. To sacrifice your marriage for a Vision. I also thought it was clever to show the interactions between King and Pres. Johnson, and the scene with AL governor Wallace was pure brilliance.

Scottish Reaction
I can tell you the Scottish audience in my theatre was completely shocked. In horror at the inhumane violence and brutal hatred black Americans (and those who tried to help them) endured. I overheard people afterwards saying “I had absolutely no idea it was like that….” and another girl (who was black) educating her young collegiate friends about how amazing she thought people like John Lewis were in person, that he’s still active in politics now, etc. Definitely spurred a lot of conversation. They cried when I cried, gasped when I gasped…very human, universal reactions.

There are several themes I thought this movie played out well. In particular, I liked the theme of teams. Dr. King had some amazingly strong people around him. The strategy sessions they had were amazing!! Reminds me of something TD Jakes said not too long ago – that you should not be great by yourself. That it takes a team of the right people with excellent skills around you who are on the same rhythm, all pressing towards the same Vision. There’s a lot the Corporate world could learn from the movie Selma.

A thought-provoker
Walking out of that theatre (or cineman, as they say here) made me stand a little bit taller. That’s a movie that makes you examine your whole life for a moment – are we really doing the things that matter? One big question that came out of this movie for me: what do I want to have accomplished to change my slice of the world by 39? (The age MLK was killed).


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