The UK & US have different Daylight Savings Times??

So the US “sprung forward” earlier this month on the 8th. The UK however is just now springing forward on the 29th, 1am. Never knew that!! In fact, only about 70 countries actually participate in Daylight Savings across the world. Meaning about 80% of the world DOESN’T participate in DST. And for the countries that do, DST – as you can see – doesn’t occur at the same times across the planet!! All depends on what individual countries want to do with it. Quite confusing (especially when planning global conference calls). I didn’t actually realize this until I was living outside of the US and experienced this difference for the first time this year.

Apparently DST was not done for farmers – as many people think. It was done as wartime measures to conserve electricity. And the dates and times for DST have changed several times over the years – I think the last change happened in 2007 in the US. Quite interesting!! #thethingsyoulearn ….happy Daylight Savings UK!! Going to get my sleep in regardless, lol.

Here’s also a pretty hilarious explanation of why even do daylight savings (not because of farmers):  


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