6 Edinburgh Favs You Must-See

Of course when you go to Edinburgh you have to see the castle and the Royal Mile, etc. Thanks to a girl’s day/night out with my well cultured UK friend Peggy Brunache, here are a few off-the-beaten path places you might not have known about that’s definitely worth your time!! Know of some great places not on this list? Feel free to share them!

1. The Dome

A gorgeous venue  with soaring ceilings and ridiculous opulence. Lovely for lunch (or dinner!). I love the raised seating area in the back – totally birthday dinner worthy. You know I love chandeliers too (goooorgeous).
14 George Street, EH2 2PF

The Dome
Lovely asparagus ravioli dish. Savory!!
Gorgeous chandeliers dripping from The Dome
These tiled floors, the domed ceiling, those huge bouquets of flowers bookending the bar…le sigh.

2. The Edinbugh International Science Festival

Calling all nerds!! Calling all nerds!! (And the nerd-curious)…this is a wonderful, massive event in the spring you should definitely check out. Tons of events each day. I attended the Gastrolab #MolecularMastery event. I would attend this if you’ve ever been a bartender in life. Do not expect cocktails, but do expect a lovely apple-like experience where the experts from London’s Drink Factory teach you all about bitters, how to counteract that to make drinks sweet and the science behind it all. Quite interesting! Tix: £25. Personally, I left much more curious about what The Drink Factory does in London!

14 George Street, EH2 2PF
Facebook | Twitter: @EdSciFest | IG: @EdSciFest

Facebook | Twitter:
@DrinkFactoryLTD | Instagram: @DrinkFactoryLTD

Edinburgh International Science Festival
ADORED these light bulbs!! I wonder who they got to make them?
Molecular Mastery presented by The Drink Factory. Prof. Andrea was quite Steve Jobs-like!

3. Bramble

This is where you go for the real drinks!! Phenomenal cocktails and one of the world’s Top 50 bars. Very unassuming, there’s only this small brass nameplate outside the door. Very sound proof – looks like nothing’s going on outside. We walked past it at least 3 times before we found it! But it was definitely worth the hunt. Favorite cocktail there: Aztec Sour – ABA Pisco, Quiquiriqui Matatlan mezcal, liquorice syrup, fresh lime juice and Mozart chocolate bitters. Even non-chocolate lovers love this one!
16 A Queen Street, EH2 1JE
Facebook | Twitter: @BrambleBar

Don’t let the door fool you!
Aztec Sour on the left, Mint 500 on the right. Both delicious!

4. I.J. Mellis Cheesemonger

Yes, that’s a word, “Cheesemonger.” It’s fantastic in here!! All the cheeses in the world – including my new fav, Manchego Cheese from Spain. If you’re even the slightest bit “epicurious” about cheeses, you’ve got to see this!
30a Victoria Street, EH12 JW
Facebook | Twitter: @cheesepurveyors

5. The Elephant House

THE place where Harry Potter’s author sat down and created one of the biggest social trends a writer can ever dream of! Also voted Best Coffee Shop in Edinburgh by The List magazine. Hey, if it’s JK Rowling’s fav, it’s alright with me.
21 George IV Bridge, EH1 1EN

6. Iain Burnett: The Highland Chocolatier

Mostly you need to see the mall that this chocolate sits in. The dresses are £1,000 and up – goooorgeous, beautiful..all that. But they also have a chocolate bar you can sit at with a curvey, built-in conveyor belt that wafts lovingly handcrafted masterpieces of chocolat in front of your face every few seconds. All you have to do is pick one up and marvel at it (or not) and pay for it before you leave. Supposedly you’re not allowed to take pictures of it. There’s also a similar concept sushi bar on the same floor. Rather neat! This chocolate is just pretty. Get the four-piece box! Inexpensive and cute.
Harvey Nichols Edinburgh, Multrees Walk, Central Edinburgh
Facebook | Twitter: @HighlandChoc

Bottom right: mint. Yummm.
Lovely magnetic box with an adorable mini-chocolate book brochure.

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