5 very POWERFUL things you can do in your career right now

Reflecting on the past few weeks on a major project I’m working on and I can tell you it’s been an amazing journey. For the young professionals, here’s FIVE very powerful things you can do in your career that will go a long way. Interested to hear what some of your tips are!

(1) GIVE CREDIT TO YOUR TEAM. Give credit to others, publicly (when it’s deserved of course). When others do great work, acknowledge it. Sincerely. True praise is not only appreciated by the recipient, but it gets positively noticed as well. Additionally, it serves as a powerful motivator. You’ll always get more out of a motivated team that gets acknowledged in the right ways.

(2) BE YOUR TEAM’S PR PERSON. Yes, definitely develop relationships. Listen to others and follow-up on / incorporate their ideas when applicable/feasible. All the while, keep moving your team towards your collective goals and vision. And when you achieve success – do your own internal PR to highlight your TEAM’S work, to ensure others are aware of the value your team is bringing to the organization. Help people understand what your team actually does and why that matters to them. Why would they care? Package up your team’s success and sell it internally. Tactfully, of course.

(3) KNOW WHAT YOU WANT AND GO GET IT. Quickly learn how to navigate the political waters of your organization so you can understand how you can drive your vision. Stand by your decisions. When you know something will work, when you passionately believe in it, the worst thing you can do is sit on it. DRIVE your vision doesn’t mean talk about it all day. Be careful how you package it to others. The less you talk about it and the more you are about it, the better. Talk less. Deliver more. Work diligently behind the scenes with your team and prepare to be amazed at what you can accomplish together.

(4) NEGOTIATE THE OBSTACLES, NOT YOUR DESTINATION. Listen along the way, adjust as needed, but don’t negotiate your destination when you know it’s the way to go. No does not mean no. It means there’s a better way – find it. Rules are meant to be negotiated. When people see something they want, they’ll make exceptions to those rules to get it – ALWAYS – so use your persuasive skills to win people over to your team’s cause. Work around the obstacles and keep moving.

(5) PERFORM WITH EXCELLENCE. Work hard but work smart as well. THINK. It’s quite easy to just work away, head down, reactively and blindly, without thinking. Always putting out fires and never really getting anywhere. Make the time to pause, take a breath and plan. Use your Friday mornings just for this. Think about the biggest impact you (and your team) can make – quickly and long term. Then do what you do best – SHINE. That’s what you’re there for – to perform with excellence and leave your organization better than you found it.

What important career tips have you picked up along the way?


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