The Ambulance Ride

KNOW THE SIGNS: Five years ago today in 2012 (which still feels like yesterday) my mother celebrated her “independence” day from stroke rehab. She had her stroke while hosting our large family post-Christmas dinner (we typically do that the weekend after Christmas) and was hospitalized and in rehab for 17 days, plus on-going rehab after that. She had to re-teach the left side of her body how to move again, speak again, all the way down to fine motor skills – critical to her role as a hygienist and First Lady. While she has 100% recovered today and lives life FULLY, everyone is not so lucky. I credit much of her recovery to God as well as the quick thinking of my Aunt Deborah – who is a physical therapist and knows the signs of a stroke. I shared them here for you so you’re aware as well. It can hit ANY one at any time. I’ve seen some Facebook friends go through this this year. Be ready to assist yourself or someone else because TIME is brain tissue!!!! #strokeawareness

THE AMBULANCE RIDE: I wrote this blog post to remind myself what that horrendous ambulance ride was like as well as her first night in the hospital if you even gloss over it, you’ll understand the extreme importance of recognizing those signs:

Just exploring life

I have no idea why I was so polite to the EMT’s. For some reason, it was important to me to maintain a very calm and pleasant exterior while on the inside, I was contemplating pushing them out of the way and putting the pedal to the metal myself. We made small talk, Steve and I. I desperately wanted to ride in the back with the other EMT – who had the benefit of being able to see my mother’s face. “Are you from here?” I asked. “Yep, born and raised. We’ve lived here…” blah, blah, blah… I tried very hard to appear to listen intently, but my eyes were stretching as far as they could around the corner of the seat to catch a glimpse of all that I could see of my mother: a tuft of her hair on the top of her head. Every five minutes I…

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