Principalities and powers

On my mind this morning regarding Charlottesville, the current state of America and our world. Be quite thoughtful about the motivations behind why people do what they do. It may enlighten a path toward solutions that can actually work. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” – Eph. 6:12.

Principalities & Powers

What makes someone literally pick up and wave the banner of racism, hatred and superiority? The motivations that would drive that are geared toward the weak-minded. The easily-swayed. Think of the messaging that would have to be used to get such a person to agree that that’s the way and a great idea – and not only that, but be passionate about it?

Those are the people who are simply being manipulated with dark principalities by those in power who seek to use them for their own purposes. Mere pawns. The fact that the messaging worked on them in the first place is indeed sad but I would attribute that to a lack of mental strength and a weak moral compass on their part. You could have a  volleying debate around that all day as there are plenty of places where that blame could be placed.

Romantic Violence

But perhaps instead of spending our time pontificating about why they did it, maybe we should be putting that mental energy towards what can be done to overcome it. Messaging works both ways. What is the messaging needed to help someone like that reconsider their path, actions and – most importantly – their mind? What is the messaging needed to rally others to help combat that messaging and mentality in a way that makes sense?

Very open to your thoughts. My prevailing thought this morning: this battle begins in the mind. It’s not actual people to be “fought” against. It’s mentality and perspectives.

Resources to consider checking out:

The instructions people were given regarding the “Unite the Right” Rally.

As seen on CNN: Romantic Memoirs of an American Skinhead by Christian Picciolini

The Root: The Other N-Word: To Germans, There’s Something Familiar About Donald Trump by Dr. Jason Johnson, MSNBC Commentator and contributor

Video: Doing Our Work: White People Working to End Racism


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